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One Step Closer to Owning My Own Company!

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Having resigned from my position as a web developer at Alexandra, I've decided to set myself up as self-employed and spend some time doing some freelance web development work.

I've already been doing a few small projects in my spare time, and I've got some work coming in, so this will be a good opportunity to have a break for a few months, concentrate on some personal projects (non-computer related), photography, cooking, painting and writing.

As you can see from the banner above, my company is called Azulia Designs, which is my web development blog. Through this, I am going to build a freelance and IT contractor career. The full name of the company is "Tim Trott trading as Azulia Designs" and I am a UK registered sole trader.

In order to tick off an item on my life list, I will need to register as a UK limited company, but at this stage, it really isn't worth the time and hassle of dealing the HMRC.

Last updated on: Tuesday 26th June 2018


Tim Trott

Tim Trott

Not quite the break I was hoping for, but at least I now have my first contract!

Starting on 1st Feb I will be working as a contractor at Blue Max Banner in Trowbridge. They are a supplier of school uniforms, work wear, leisurewear and PPE - almost perfect match with my existing market knowledge from Alexandra!

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