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Health & Fitness

My diary about health and fitness, injury recovery from a serious car crash in the beginning of 2006, including several subsequent operations to help fix the damage.

Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea
By on Wednesday 7th October 2015

For the past, I don't know how many years I've had problems sleeping. Sometimes difficulty in getting to sleep, other times difficulty staying asleep. Even when I wake up thinking I've had a "good night" I am more tired, more drained and feel worse than when I went to bed.

X-Ray's from RTA back in 2006
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I can Breathe!
By on Tuesday 16th June 2009

I've been taking Singulair (montelukast) tablets the past week to help control my asthma when I exercise and found that I could do a full 2-hour workout without using my reliever inhaler once!

Time To Burn...
By on Tuesday 2nd June 2009

My new Ben Sherman designer clothes fit a lot tighter than the loose tee's I usually wear, and unfortunately, my (small) beer belly shows through. After months of nagging, my brother in law has finally convinced me to start working out at the gym with him.

Time to Take Control