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Ouch! That Hurt!!!

By , Monday 13th March 2006 in Cars & Bikes Health & Fitness

On Monday 27th February 2006, whilst innocently driving home from work after my shift finished (around 11pm), unknown to me an oncoming car round the next bend swerved to avoid an animal in the road and lost control.

The car in front of me was able to see what happened and took evasive action, but I did not have a chance as we were both travelling at approx 60mph. We collided head on at these speeds, the impact destroying the front half of my car. Unfortunately my legs were also in the front half of the car as well and they were trapped between the floor (which had buckled and risen), and under the dash. It took the emergency services over an hour and a half to cut me from the wreck. Thankfully I am still alive, and considering the nature of the crash I have escaped with relatively few injuries.

I have a torn ligament on my left ankle, deep lacerations on my left knee (15 stitches), multiple fractures to my left arm (I have had an operation to put all the pieces back and I have a metal plate and four screws, 19 stitches), my right knee cap was shattered (I had two operations to reconstruct it, again more metal and 17 stitches), damage to the right hand side of my hips and I have severe and painful chest bruising from the seatbelt with suspected fractures on two ribs.

I was taken to the cardiac care unit before being moved to orthopedic wards and I was in hospital for two weeks. Now I am home and can start healing properly, although it will be a long road. All I can do at the moment is lie around with an arm and leg in plaster, and unable to move much because of the pain in my ribs. At least I can use my laptop and watch TV!

I would like to thank all the emergency services that attended, especially Police Constable Sean White, who was one of the first on the scene. He stayed with me the whole time, kept me awake and talking, administered first aid and kept me comfortable with blankets, despite not being able to take shelter from the rain himself. All the fire crews were fantastic; they did there best to cut me out as quickly as possible with the minimum discomfort to myself. The ambulance crews were also fantastic, keeping the pain down with morphine, and making me comfortable. Lastly but by no means least, everybody in Frenchay Hospital who looked after me for two weeks; everyone in A&E, Helen and Fiona in CCU ward 103, and all the staff on ward 202 where I spent most of my time, and last, but not least, the surgeons who did a great job of putting me back together. They were all fantastic. Thank you.

You can see pictures of what's left of the car here: Wreckage Photos. You can also see X-Rays from after the operations.

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