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My diary about health and fitness, injury recovery from a serious car crash in the beginning of 2006, including several subsequent operations to help fix the damage.


Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea
7th October 2015Health & Fitness
For the past, I don't know how many years I've had problems sleeping. Sometimes difficulty in getting to sleep, other times difficulty staying asleep. Even when I wake up thinking I've had a "good night" I am more tired, more drained and feel worse than when I went to bed.
X-Ray's from RTA back in 2006
3rd September 2013Health & Fitness
I've been pestering the NHS for access to my medical records for the past few months, and finally, I have some of the X-Rays taken back when I was involved in a large traffic accident.
My Self Confidence Transformation
27th November 2009Health & Fitness
Improving my self-confidence has been the single biggest improvement I have made this year. Higher confidence has enabled me to grow out from my comfort zone, try new things and meet new people.
How to Gain Self Confidence
22nd November 2009Health & Fitness
Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. It's about being free from doubt and having the utmost belief in yourself and your abilities.
Stop Procrastinating!
21st November 2009Health & Fitness
Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks through laziness, carelessness or habitual traits.
Finding the Cause of Depression
18th October 2009Health & Fitness
In my first self-improvement article, I'm going to talk about defining a problem and identifying its causes. This strategy has enabled me to locate the cause of my depression and allowed me to work towards a solution.
I can Breathe!
16th June 2009Health & Fitness
I've been taking Singulair (montelukast) tablets the past week to help control my asthma when I exercise and found that I could do a full 2-hour workout without using my reliever inhaler once!
Time To Burn...
2nd June 2009Health & Fitness
My new Ben Sherman designer clothes fit a lot tighter than the loose tee's I usually wear, and unfortunately, my (small) beer belly shows through. After months of nagging, my brother in law has finally convinced me to start working out at the gym with him.