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Health & Fitness

My diary about health and fitness, injury recovery from a serious car crash in the beginning of 2006, including several subsequent operations to help fix the damage.

Happy Halloween!
31/10/2007Health & Fitness
Happy Halloween everybody! I thought this year I would do something to celebrate, so what do you think of my first ever, hand carved, Jack o Lantern? I was really pleased with my first attempt, what say you?
Finally Out of Plaster (Again!)
29/10/2007Health & Fitness
In my recent wrist operation to stabilize my distal radial ulnar joint, I had a ligament reconstruction and tendon graft about six weeks ago. I have had an above elbow plaster for 4 weeks, which was followed by a normal below elbow plaster for a further two weeks.
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Still in Plaster…
22/10/2007Health & Fitness
Still in Plaster but only one more week to go! Its been five weeks, and the plaster is starting to get on my nerves, itching underneath, joints painful and stiff, and to top it off I have the flu.
Back home from Hospital
22/09/2007Health & Fitness
I'm back home from Hospital now. I don't know a great deal about the operation to fix the instability in my distal radial-ulnar joint (DRUJ), only that it went as well as could be expected and they are confidant of a significant improvement in the stability of my wrist.
There’s a 5 o’clock in the morning?
19/09/2007Health & Fitness
Today is the day of my final wrist op where they are going to graft in some tendons in order to reconstruct my wrist joint.
Distal Volar Radius Plate
07/06/2007Health & Fitness
I have tracked down a web site which sells the same sort of plate that was fitted in my wrist after the car crash I was a victim of. For anybody interested its called a Distal Volar Radius Plate and is marketed by a company called Hand Innovations.
Accident Damage to my Wrist
24/05/2007Health & Fitness
I have seen the consultant following-up from my recent wrist arthroscopy where he informed me that during the surgery he found no damage to my Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC), which was his prime candidate for my wrist instability.
Going back to Hospital
09/04/2007Health & Fitness
I have now got a date for my next wrist operation and I have already had a pre-op examination - in a couple of weeks I will be having an arthroscopy to find out just what is going on in my wrist.
Putting my Knee to the Test on Jacobs Ladder
24/03/2007Health & Fitness
Putting my knee to the test by climbing Jacobs Ladder in Cheddar Gorge, a little over a year since it was shattered in a car crash. I was discharged from hospital exactly one month ago.
Discharged from Physio
16/02/2007Health & Fitness
I have now been discharged from the Physiotherapy department at Frenchay Hospital. They feel that there is nothing more they can do to help; any more improvement will be down to me.