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Health & Fitness

My diary about health and fitness, injury recovery from a serious car crash in the beginning of 2006, including several subsequent operations to help fix the damage.

Combatting Shin Splints with FootBallance Insoles
06/07/2016Health & Fitness
FootBallance Insoles are the latest thing in running technology. These are essentially 100% custom insoles which can be slipped into any shoe and provide arch support. Do they work? Read on and find out.
No Pain, No Gain! (Or a lesson on when to say STOP)
19/06/2016Health & Fitness
I’ve been going out running now twice a week gradually building up the distance while improving my pace. I’m aiming for a consistant pace, not a fast time. If I can keep a consistant pace from start to finish and then reduce that pace I’m doing good.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stepChinese Proverb
After Thirty Four Years, I Learn to Run
23/04/2016Health & Fitness
After 34 years of life, I finally get why people run. I mean, I always understood why people were running in the park or down the street, but was always accompanied with mockery. “That seems like a painful way to spend time.”
Final Knee Surgury
01/03/2016Health & Fitness
Finally, after a year of being referrered between various physios and consultants, I have had my final knee operation which has at long last fixed my damaged knee.
Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea
07/10/2015Health & Fitness
For the past I don’t know how many years I’ve had problems sleeping. Sometimes difficulty in getting to sleep, other times difficulty staying asleep. Even when I wake up thinking I’ve had a "good night"I am more tired, more drained and feel worse than when I went to bed.
X-Ray’s from RTA back in 2006
03/09/2013Health & Fitness
I've been pestering the NHS for access to my medical records for the past few months, and finally I have some of the X-Rays taken back when I was involved in a large traffic accident.
Closing One Chapter, Starting Another
06/09/2012Health & Fitness
The compensation claim has finally been settled after 6 and a half years since the car accident in February 2006.
MRI Scan Results
19/12/2009Health & Fitness
I've just had the MRI scan results back for my ankle problems. Hopefully I can get a diagnosis and treatment now.
More Problems, More Scans…
02/09/2009Health & Fitness
I still continue to have problems with my left ankle, despite doctors and physiotherapists not being able to find any muscular-skeletal problems. Because of these problems, an independent consultant has recommended that I have an MRI scan to determine the cause.
I can Breathe!
16/06/2009Health & Fitness
I've been taking Singulair (montelukast) tablets the past week to help control my asthma when I exercise and found that I could do a full 2-hour workout without using my reliever inhaler once!