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All the writings in this category are about myself, my dreams, goals, ambitions and self-improvement.

Back into Astronomy – Still in Plaster Cast
05/04/2006Health & Fitness
Typically there have been several nights now with perfect clear skies and clear visibility. In fact, the night the ambulance brought me back home I could look up from the trolly and see Orion shining bright overhead.
Ribs have been Very Painful
03/04/2006Health & Fitness
My ribs have been very painful the past week, anything that involves bending, twisting or any movement of the rib cage (including sneezing, coughing, blowing nose and breathing) have been very painful.
If it were easy, anybody could do it.
Just had the Stitches Removed
17/03/2006Health & Fitness
I've been back into hospital again today and had the stitches out on my right knee, the wound is looking very good.
Ouch! That Hurt!!!
On Monday 27th February 2006, whilst innocently driving home from work after my shift finished (around 11pm), unknown to me an oncoming car round the next bend swerved to avoid an animal in the road and lost control.
Jury Service is Over
16/09/2005Jobs and Education
The letter did the trick! I was excused from the trial because of my work commitments, and being Friday they don't tend to start new cases so we were sent home early!
Called onto a case, and bad news on the car
I was selected for a trial yesterday, a particularly nasty one, but I can't talk about it - under oath.
Jury Service
07/09/2005Jobs and Education
I have been on jury service this week, so far I have not been selected...