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Health & Fitness

My diary about health and fitness, injury recovery from a serious car crash in the beginning of 2006, including several subsequent operations to help fix the damage.

Bad Day at the Gym
10/06/2009Health & Fitness
I had a really bad day at the gym yesterday, I was feeling very unwell after only a few minutes workout.
Medication is What you Need
07/06/2009Health & Fitness
I've been taking the tablets that my doctor prescribed and they seem to be working quite well. I don't feel much better in myself, but my friends have noticed a big improvement so they must be working.
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I Went Back to the Gym!
04/06/2009Health & Fitness
I was quite surprised at how little I hurt after my first training session at the gym. Apparently the protein shakes will help with that.
Time To Burn…
02/06/2009Health & Fitness
My new Ben Sherman clothes fit a lot tighter than the loose tee's I usually wear, and unfortunately my (small) beer belly shows through. After months of nagging, my brother in law has finally convinced me to start working out at the gym with him.
Off to see the Wizard…
11/02/2008Health & Fitness
A six month post operation checkup on my wrist reconstruction surgery following from a car crash two years ago.
Wreckage Photos
After a lot of thought I have decided to release a few wreckage photos of what was left of my Honda Civic after the car crash I was involved in two years ago this month.
Discharged from Physio (again!)
10/12/2007Health & Fitness
I saw my physiotherapist again today and my wrist has improved a lot since the last time I saw her, both in flexibility and strength.
Good Progress in Physio Again
26/11/2007Health & Fitness
I had another physio session today and she could see another big improvement in my range of movement. My wrist extension (moving wrist upwards) was up by 20° from last time I saw her. She also measured my grip strength again and it was nearly double what it was last time at 28kg. Still early days, but this is better than before the operation where I only could achieve 26kg of pressure.
Back in to see the Consultant
19/11/2007Health & Fitness
I saw one of the Doctors at the hospital again today, and she can see a big difference in my wrist, in strength, stability and range of movement.
More Physio and Quantative Results
12/11/2007Health & Fitness
I had another physio session at my local Hospital with yet another nice physiotherapist (I'm on my fourth now!) and she measured the range of movements and comparing them to those taken in the hospital two weeks previously, and found that the range of movement has improved a bit.