I'm Tim Trott, a web developer, photographer and amateur astronomer originally from Bristol and now living in Scotland. This website is my online journal, a place for me to record my day-to-day thoughts and write about my experiences and hobbies.

I'm fully qualified as an IT professional with 15 years of experience building highly effective websites for small to medium sized companies in the UK.

Below, you will find my latest writing, or you can use the menu to the left to find my hobbies and activities.

Tim Trott
Observation Tips08/06/2015
25 Stunning Sights Every Astronomer Should See

Here is a collection of my top 25 wish list items to see in the sky at night ranging from Iridium flares to solar flares and distant galaxies.

Glasgow Photography Day

I was out in Glasgow for a meeting, and had the rest of the day free so I brought my camera with me and went exploring Glasgow City Centre.

Just Me,Scotland20/03/2015
Photos from Leith on my Last Day in Edinburgh

Photos from Leith, Edinburgh, as today is my last day working in Edinburgh. I now have a few days off and start a new job in Glasgow next week.

Observation Logs21/02/2015
First Moffat Astronomy Photos

It's been a while since I've been out under the stars, but tonight I took out my camera and photographed some of the stars and the moon from my own dark sky area for Moffat Astronomy.

Military Low Flying Aircraft Photography

Military low flying aircraft are used to train aircrew and is carried out across all of the UK. My cottage is right under the flight path coming out of Moffat Hills!

Walking in Moffat

Now the snow has cleared, and I have a a few free weekends, I've started doing some walking in Moffat and in the land and gardens surrounding my cottage.

Grey Mares Tail in Winter

Climbing up Grey Mares Tail near Moffat in the snow and ice, with a completely frozen over Loch Skeen at the top!

Crippled up the Criffel

Starting out walking again by tackling the Criffel, near Dumfries. It was harder than we thought!

Top 5 Space Exploration Breakthroughs of 2014

2014 has seen some incredible space exploration breakthroughs including discovery of hundreds of exoplanets and the successful landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Snow in Moffat Hills and the Devils Beef Tub

A few pictures from the latest snow in Moffat and the surrounding Moffat Hills and the Devils Beef Tub.

KTM 990 Adventure20/10/2014
Motorcycle Stolen!

While calling into ASDA to get some tea on my way home from work, I left the store only to find my motorcycle stolen from right outside!!!

Security & Privacy10/10/2014
SSL for the Ultimate Newbie

This is a guide to SSL, how it works, and it provides the total newbie with the right information needed to get started with secure online transactions.



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