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Hello, my name is Tim and this is my little space on the interweb. This is where I share my photos and write about my interests, hobbies and travels

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Never Fails Scottish Tablet Recipe

This Scottish tablet recipe never fails to produce mouth watering results for sweet those with a sweet tooth.

DIY Flash Softbox

Flash softbox are devices placed over a flash gun to soften the harshness of a flash burst. The act as diffusers spreading the light out and reducing the harshness of shadows.

Introduction to the Printing Process
16/04/2016Graphic Design

We will have a quick look at some of the print processes involved in getting digital artwork into print and cover some rules you should follow to avoid disappointment.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign
09/04/2016Graphic Design

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard publication application and in this tutorial we are going create a business card whilst looking at the features..

Creating Web Designs in Photoshop
02/04/2016Graphic Design Web Design

This tutorial takes you through creating a web design in Photoshop which is a great tool for create web designs, or mockups, for sending to a client for approval.

Tracing Artwork in Adobe Illustrator
26/03/2016Graphic Design

This guide shows you how to use Adobe Illustrators powerful artwork tracing tools to rapidly convert scanned artwork into vector illustrations.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
19/03/2016Graphic Design

A brief introduction to using Adobe Illustrator for creating vector based illustrations, logos and icons. We will cover navigating around the application, basic tools, working with shapes and layers and applying filters.

Introduction to Photo Editing
12/03/2016Graphic Design

Photo editing, or manipulation, allows designers and photographers to improve photos in countless ways. This can be as simple as cropping and rotating, or complex such as creating composite images.

What’s New in MVC6 and Why MVC6 is the Best Yet

There are lots of changes introduced in MVC6, not least of which is a new view engine to replace Razor. This tutorial outlines the changes to MVC6 and explains why this is the best version yet.

.Net Core and Why it’s the Future

Microsoft's latest focus is on .NET Core as the future of its development platform. In this article we loo at what .Net Core is and how it differs from Microsoft's .NET Framework.