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X-Ray's from RTA back in 2006

X-Ray photographs of my surgical implants

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I've been pestering the NHS for access to my medical records for the past few months, and finally, I have some of the X-Rays taken back when I was involved in a large traffic accident.

I'm still trying to get the X-Rays from before the operations including X-Rays of my shattered wrist, broken knee, broken ribs and cracked sternum. You can read more about the accident here. The process is simple, just fill in a freedom of information request and pay the (hefty) "administration" fee (someone to burn an image to CD)

It seems like my request was too late, they only keep X-rays for 7 years and it's been just over the 7 years now. These are the only ones I have now. Still pretty impressive, however.

Last updated on: Friday 16th June 2017



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