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Wrist Reconstruction surgury

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A six-month post-operation checkup on my wrist reconstruction surgery following a car crash two years ago.

...The Wonderful Wizard of Wrist Reconstruction, also known as my consultant at the BRI. I had a six-month follow-up appointment this afternoon, from the operation in September, to evaluate my continued progress.

Overall my wrist is much better than before the operation, however, there are still a few problems, most notably sustained supination where my wrist joint tends to "lock" and it is difficult to return to neutral, the bones feel as if they are rubbing against the cartilage between them.

I am keen to get back into weight lifting, however with the continued problems I am facing my consultant has advised against this at the moment. I must still avoid putting excessive force on my wrist in any direction for at least another year. There is a small chance that I may never be able to do a push-up or curl a dumbbell again - just goes to show how bad the injuries were. It has been and continues to be, a long road to recovery.

I'm still trying to get hold of the x-rays to show off all the wrist fractures and the plates they put in, it's just taking a little time. I'll post them up when I get them. In the meantime here is a picture that shows the scar on my left wrist and the extent of the deformity caused by the joint instability.

My Wrist Deformity and Scar
My Wrist Deformity and Scar

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