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Walking & Hiking

Photos and routes from my walking and hiking adventures in Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire in the UK.

We came, we saw, we conquered!
20th March 2010
We did it! We actually did it!!! We climbed Snowdon!!! We are currently stood on the summit of Snowdon 1,085 m (3,560 ft) above sea level and the highest peak in England and Wales.
Cheddar Gorge x2
14th March 2010
This is our final training session before we tackle Snowdon. We have once again chosen Cheddar Gorge as climbing up the steep hills of the gorge is the best local practice we can get. If Snowdon is like this then we should be OK.
Snowdon Preparations Going Well
9th March 2010
Our preparations for our epic Snowdon trek are going well, however, the enormity of what we are just about to do is beginning to sink in now. It's less than two weeks away and Snowdon is starting to look very big...
Cheddar Gorge Extended Walk
7th March 2010
An extended tour of Cheddar Gorge after a bright idea "let's go that way" and get lost. Anyway, we found a few new vantage points for some photos less often seen.
Cheddar Gorge AND Crook Peak Walk
28th February 2010
As the time to climb Snowdon draws closer (20th March!) we've decided to increase our walks to at least 10 miles. To start off with we have done the Cheddar circular walk followed by Crook Peak as we know the terrain and what to expect.
Swineford Circular Walk
21st February 2010
Another brisk walk, this time on a Sunday morning. 5.2 miles added to our 4.1 gorge climb yesterday. We started in Swineford and walked around a few villages and several farms on a circular route.
Cheddar Gorge Walk
20th February 2010
With our Snowdon expedition rapidly approaching (4 weeks time) we think it's time to start building up our walking. Having started on Brent Knoll, then Crook Peak, the challenging gorge walk wasn't too bad (apart from the mud) and will be good for climbing experience.
Tim & Rob Climb Snowdon for Charity
17th February 2010
My best buddy Rob (who happens to be my brother-in-law) and I are going to climb to the summit of Snowdon in Wales to raise money for Help For Heroes. We are aiming to raise £1 each for every metre we climb. Snowdon has an elevation of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) and the planned route is about 8 miles long.