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Time to get a New Wardrobe

Getting a designer clothing wardrobe

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As part of my desire to regain control of my life, I have decided that I need a new designer clothing wardrobe (or rather the contents of).

I have to admit that most of the clothes I wear are from Asda or Tesco. While they are not bad I need something a bit different, a new style and some designer clothing labels.

I went to one of the designer outlets with my sister and brother-in-law where I got a bunch of new Ben Sherman tee's, a Calvin Klein jacket, Tommy Hilfiger jeans, Ben Sherman shoes and a cool manga tee. There was also a nice Hugo Boss jacket which I liked but didn't really have the money. There will be another time.

Feels quite weird wearing all this new clothing, it fits a lot better and I love the Ben Sherman tees.

NEC Bike Show
NEC Bike Show

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