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The Lions vs South Africa

Watching Rugby in Bristol

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I'm not a rugby fan, but I went to Bristol to watch the Lions game against South Africa with my brother in law and a few friends last night.

Disappointed with the result, the Lions were a bit weak in the first half but made a good comeback in the second; however, South Africa prevented us from scoring the last few points and beat us 26-21.

After the game, we had a few drinks, arm wrestling competitions and a short walk before finding some food followed by some more drinks in a few bars and clubs along the Waterfront.

I wasn't drinking too much because of the medication but still had a good night, although the medication was making me feel very nervous and anxious all day; just one of the side effects I have to live with for the next few weeks. Towards the end of the night I was feeling very sleepy and the anxiousness was getting to me a bit so we called it a night.

The good thing about not drinking very much is that I can remember 100% of the night... which my friends can't! Oh, the fun I can have filling in the things they can't remember!!!

Tim Trott
Tim Trott

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