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A Series of Vivid Dreams

By on in Myself

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This week I have been working hard in the sun building a garden deck with my brother in law. I don't know if it's the hard work or the sun, but I've been having a couple of very vivid dreams the past couple of days.

The first concerns a certain young lady who is known to me in a club like an environment. She is in what appears to be a changing cubical, however, I can see inside it. She can see me as well, and she knows that I am watching as she changes her lingerie from white to black. She tries not to reveal herself and hides the fact that she knows I'm looking at her. Later she joins me on a leather couch and is wearing a long black dress. Like previous dreams I cannot feel her - when I hold her in my arms or kiss her I cannot feel anything, it's like reaching out into empty space.

The next night I had a dream that I was in a busy pub, lots of people around, good music and a few drinks. It's quite brightly lit and the atmosphere is very friendly. It seems like a party or something similar. Nothing much happens until I encounter a guy who I end up in a fight with. Having fought him off somebody tells me that I should go because the other guy is coming back with "the boys".

Gothic Girl
Gothic Girl

I head up a flight of wooden stairs and find myself in a darker club, kind of gothic/metal/punk. On the stairs, I meet a girl with tattoos and several metal spikes in her shoulder. I ask her if they are pierced or not and she pulls one off to show that they are stuck on. We get talking about something (I can't remember what) and almost instantly it seems like we have been close forever. We dance together, laugh, share drinks and finally settle down on a leather sofa as the club closes. Looking up we see that the roof of the club is made from glass (like a conservatory) and it's snowing outside. She hasn't got a coat or anything, just a little black sleeveless dress so I lend her mine. We end up outside sat under a tree together and I wake up.

The final dream I had isn't quite as vivid as the other two but still involved me being with a girl. All I can remember is that she was wearing a white top with purple/pink paint spat decoration, a short tartan skirt, tall black boots and fishnet stockings. Again I cannot feel her body, just her presence. Later in the dream, she is wearing a Victorian style outfit.

What is it with my dreams and gothic girls?

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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