Don't let your dreams just be dreams


All the writings in this category are about myself, my dreams, goals, ambitions and self-improvement.

The Biggest (and most important) Discovery of All Time
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31st October 2009
I am working as an archaeologist in a secret location in the middle of nowhere following up on a discovery made by a close friend. He had found an ancient cave decorated with pictograms and cave paintings dating back over 5,000 years. The pictograms and paintings give clear evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrials and that they had access to technology from today as well as our future.
Girl at the Christmas Party
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8th October 2009
Another strange dream last night, again revolving around a woman I cannot see or touch but makes me feel good.
The Redhead in a Red Polka Dot Dress
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28th September 2009
I had one of my unnerving recurring dreams last night. One of those that are seemingly normal but really disturb me, and I don't know why it does.
A Fine End to the Summer
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13th September 2009
A nice weekend in the sun for what maybe the last good weekend of summer. We headed down to Brean Sands for a BBQ and a little fun in the sun.
Attack of the Giant Brains
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16th August 2009
A strange dream last night... I was with a bunch of unknown people in a strange cartoonish house. It had yellow walls, blue floor and the door was a wooden half door, painted yellow with a shutter in the top half. We were hiding in the house from something outside.
My Bucket List
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7th July 2009
My bucket list (also known as a life list) is simply a list of all those "I've always wanted to's". Why? Because I want to set myself a series of goals and ambitions to give me something to aim for. Creating a bucket list, is a great way to give your goals a life. So, no more excuses.
The Lions vs South Africa
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21st June 2009
I'm not a rugby fan, but I went to Bristol to watch the Lions game against South Africa with my brother in law and a few friends last night.
Time to get a New Wardrobe
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30th May 2009
As part of my desire to regain control of my life, I have decided that I need a new designer clothing wardrobe (or rather the contents of).