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A Close Shave - Movember 2016

Charity beard shave for Movember 2016

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Movember is a global charity dedicated to raising awareness of men's health issues. Each year thousands of men grow a moustache in November in order to raise money for the charity. This year I am participating by growing a comedy moustache, but in order to do that, I had to sacrifice my beard...

I went along to my barber, Rebel Rebel, in Glasgow where I had a hot towel shave to remove any trace of my beard ahead of my month long moustache growing. Having had a beard for the past 4&fra12; years it felt slightly odd being cleanly shaven again. Nonetheless, for one month I kept my face shaven apart from my moustache. I had a hard time deciding what style to grow, but after a short vote in the office, I went for the horseshoe moustache, which is also known as a biker moustache.

After a month, this is the final result.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me during Movember, I managed to raise a total of £100 for the Movember charity.

My Movember Charity Page

Horseshoe Moustache for Movember 2016
Horseshoe Moustache for Movember 2016

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