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The Italy Trip

Holiday to Italy

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Here are some photos from my trip to Italy in 1999. Having just completed my A-Levels I was offered a position on the trip as support staff, helping to look after year 9 and 10 students.

We took the coach from the School, over the English channel on a ferry, through France and into Italy where we stayed in a town called Montecatini in the Tuscany region.

After arriving and unpacking we had a tour of the town, including riding the funicular railway to Montecatini Alto.

The next day we headed to Florence for a tour around the historic town.

The next day we saw Pisa and had a chance to catch some sun at Marina di Pisa.

On the final day we had a more relaxed tour of Montecatini on foot with time for shopping and a trip to the spa.

On the journey back, we headed through Milan to Lake Como for lunch, before heading home through Switzerland and back up through France.

You can view all my photos in the Italy gallery.

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