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Helpful Guitar Equipment

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I have started to invest in some helpful guitar equipment to help get the best out of my new guitar. This helpful guitar equipment includes multi-effects pedals, tuners and new cables.

The first item on my list of helpful guitar equipment is a Korg electric guitar tuner. This is much easier to use than trying to tune to a test tone on the internet. A microphone picks up the sound from the guitar (or you can plug the instrument cable directly into it) and a gauge shows you the tune. All you have to do is make tiny adjustments until the needle and light show tuned. Then you move to the next string and so on.

Korg Electric Guitar Tuner
Korg Electric Guitar Tuner

The next two things I bought are an extra cable and an effects pedal. The pedal allows me to add distortion (and other effects) to the sound of the guitar to get that proper rock sound. The guitar plugs into the pedal and the pedal plugs into the amp with the extra cable. Easy.

Multi Effects Pedals
Multi Effects Pedals

The pedal I got in the end is the Digitech RP55 multi effect pedal. Without listing all the sales jargon, it has more effects and features than I know what to do with. Sounds good though. There is a list on the Digitech website to setup the RP55 to sound like any guitarist or band you could think of, you just select the effect and set the value according to a chart. Easy!

Finally, here is a picture of my guitar setup. I have connected my guitar through the effects pedal to a TEAC amplifier and my old Tannoy Gold Mk2 speakers. I also have some AKG K240 MK II headphones. Sounds lovely!

My Electric guitar setup
My Electric guitar setup

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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