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Glasgow Photography Day

Photographing Glasgow on a sunny afternoon

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I was out in Glasgow for a meeting and had the rest of the day free so I brought my camera with me and went exploring Glasgow City Centre.

My first stop of my Glasgow photography day was the Lighthouse, just around the corner from central station. The Lighthouse is Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture. Designed by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it was originally the offices of the Glasgow Herald newspaper. The Lighthouse offers an uninterrupted view of Glasgow's skyline from the Mackintosh Tower.

Next, I walked up to the Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery built on a low but very prominent hill to the east of Glasgow Cathedral. Apparently, over fifty thousand people have been buried here.

Finally, I walked back towards Central Station through James Square (where the opening scenes of World War Z were filmed).

Along the way, I also photographed some street art and murals on the building in Glasgow.

You can view the full set of Glasgow Photography in my Glasgow gallery.

Last updated on: Thursday 15th June 2017



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