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Fitting New Parts to the Civic

A few parts I'd been saving just got fitted

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Since I have had my Honda Civic back after the engine rebuild it has been performing very well. There are none of the signs of a bad engine this time and pulls a lot harder than the last one. I think it has been done correctly this time.

I am still running it in before I give it the beans. My brother in law sold me his HKS vacuum gauge, and since we both had the week off we fitted all the parts I have been collecting, such as a Tanabe Sustec Strut Brace, Mugen Oil and Radiator cap, Spoon Earth Code grounding system and a few other bits and bobs. Just waiting for February's pay cheque then I can get some Skunk2 Cams and Hondata ECU then I'm done with the modifications. Hopefully it will be around 180bhp when its finished. :)

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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