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First Home of my Own

Moving into my new (old) cottage

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I haven't quite completed my probation period at my new job, but I've just viewed an absolutely perfect cottage just outside Moffat and put down a rental deposit for my first home.

The cottage dates back to the 1850's and is part of an old estate just outside Moffat town. It forms part of a complex which used to house horses, grain, servants living and coaches. It has been converted into accommodation sometime in the 1980's and has recently be renovated just prior to me moving in.

The cottage ticked all my essential requirements for my first home and my list of nice to haves, including being a secluded location with easy access to motorway, a real fire, a place to store my motorcycles, lots of space and clear views for astronomy. The kitchen even comes with white goods!

It should be ready at the end of the month for me to move in! Exciting!

Last updated on: Thursday 15th June 2017




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