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Tudor Falconry Day at Lacock Abbey

Tudor falconry day at Lacock Abbey

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On a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, I headed over to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire with my new camera to see a Tudor falconry day display in the Abbey grounds.

The Tudor falconry day is held each year in the Abbey grounds and offers an exciting insight into these magnificent birds as they soar above the River Avon and around the abbey structure.

During the flying display, the Harris hawk flew briefly before escaping and chasing some crows and hiding in a tree. The peregrine falcon put on a very good show and was very fast, but I did manage to get a few great shots of it in flight. Finally, the American kestrel took to the skies briefly. There were also a number of static birds on display.

You can view the full set in by Bird of Prey Photography gallery.

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