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In the money now the compensation claim has come through

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The compensation claim has finally been settled after 6 and a half years since the car accident in February 2006.

The extent of the injury and disagreements between all four "specialists" on both sides regarding the future prognosis contributed to the delays, but once the court proceedings started it was very quick to get resolved. Although payout wasn't quite what I was hoping for, the only way to get that would have been to go to court, drag the proceedings out even longer and hope that the Judge awarded more than their offer. I was informed that this would carry approximately 25% chance of success so I decided to take the offer as it wasn't a bad offer, and finalise everything and close that chapter of my life.

I'm still left with several pronounced scars on my wrist and knees, a physical deformity and weakness in my left hand/wrist and sore, painful knees, but at least now I can finally close this chapter in my life and start a new fresh new one. I haven't made any plans for the money up until now, except that I won't be squandering it. Maybe a new car, deposit on a house, some savings and a holiday or two?

Last updated on: Friday 16th June 2017



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