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Cheddar Gorge x2

Walking Cheddar Gorge route twice for extra training

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This is our final training session before we tackle Snowdon. We have once again chosen Cheddar Gorge as climbing up the steep hills of the gorge is the best local practice we can get. If Snowdon is like this then we should be OK.

As usual, we headed up on the North side of the Gorge starting at the toy show before heading around the gorge, over the road and back down to Jacobs Ladder. However this time, we got near to the ladder, turned around and did the walk again in reverse.

Now the weather is better there were a lot of other walkers out, unlike a few weeks ago when it was very muddy and we were the only ones. We could also see a few signs of spring - green shoots coming out of the ground, buds on trees, bees and more wildlife.

Next time we walk, it's going to be trekking up Snowdon! How scary is that?

Total Distance Walked: 6 miles (9.6 km)
Time Taken: 3 hours 30 minutes including time to stop for lunch.

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017




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