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Cars & Bikes

This is my collection of petrol head writings, be it about my cars, my bike, mechanics, motoring in general and a few of rants and raves about the state of the roads/traffic/people on them. You can also see what cars and bikes I have owned and their specifications.

Just Bought My Riding Gear
22nd May 2010
Just got back from Fowlers where I have just purchased most of my riding gear and safety kit. I've still got to go to Riders to get some trousers.
I've Bought a Motorbike!
1st May 2010
No less than two hours after passing my CBT I was in Fowler's showroom picking out a new motorbike for myself. Having sat on quite a few bikes in showrooms and events I already knew which one I wanted to start with so I pretty much went in and said: "I want that one".
I Can Ride A Motorbike!
1st May 2010
I have just passed my CBT training so I can now legally ride a 125cc motorbike with 'L' plates. I started the training last week (24th April) but unfortunately ran out of time to complete the course.
Be Wary of Potholes!
5th March 2010
While driving into work today I ran over a pothole which has now taken my Mercedes off the road (although not literally this time!)
200,000 Miles!
26th January 2010
My Mercedes rolled over to 200,000 miles this morning and still drives like 100,000. After all those thousands of miles, the big 2 came up exactly in my car park space at work. How strange is that?
Another Snow Day!
13th January 2010
Another day working from home due to heavy snowfall overnight and throughout the day. We had about 2 inches of snow last night - on top of the 3 inches we had last week. That brings the total to 5 inches (see the picture!).
Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!
9th January 2010
With Britain in the grip of the coldest winter since 1963, temperatures plummeting well below zero and five inches of snow I've been unable to get to work, or anywhere else for that matter.
NEC Bike Show 2009
6th December 2009
My trip to the 2009 Bike Show at the Birmingham NEC where I tried out loads of bikes, took loads of pictures and met some very nice young women.