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Berghaus Explorer Trail Hiking Boot

Berghaus Explorer Trail Hiking Boot Review

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I've just bought my first pair of walking boots in preparation for hiking and mountain climbing expeditions in the next few months.

Having thought that one pair would be the same as the next I went into the first shop I found and tried to get the first boots I saw. Fortunately they did not have my size, so the assistant asked what I would be doing and recommended 4 others that would be suitable. Just as well really, as a similar style to the one I was going to get proved to be quite uncomfortable.

Having tried on 4 pairs of boots I settled on the Berghaus Explorer Light's as they were miles more comfortable than any of the others I tried on. The boots themselves are constructed of suede and mesh with a Gore-Tex lining. The soles have a great air cushion which is particularly good for my bad knees. The ankle support will hopefully help my gammy ankle whilst walking.

I haven't worn them out walking yet; I'm going to start doing some short walks over the next few weeks.

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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