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Avoncroft Historic Building Museum

Take a walk through historical buildings at Avoncroft Museum

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Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is an open-air museum of rescued buildings which have been relocated to its site in Worcestershire, England.

The collection at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings comprises more than 30 buildings and structures which have been relocated from their original sites under threat of demolition, being rebuilt and restored at the museum. This includes a fully functioning windmill and a post WW2 prefab house as used in many towns and cities after the Second World War to provide quick affordable replacements for houses destroyed by bombing.

Avoncroft Museum of Buildings
Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

The collection also includes various agricultural buildings, a church, tollbooth and the UK's largest collection of telephone boxes, complete with a working analogue telephone exchange.

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Last updated on: Wednesday 14th June 2017




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