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ATM Fraud

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Last night I had my credit card skimmed in an ATM and my account emptied of all it's contents.

I was one of the many victims of ATM fraud having used a cash point on the wall of a Lloyds TSB branch. Initially, I thought that the machine had just simply broken as it would not return my card after I requested cash. When I phoned the (Indian) call centre to report the fault they were unable to help or offer any kind of support.

I knew that I needed to report my card stolen and have it cancelled - but the number to call was on the back of the card! I had no choice but to leave the cash point, cross the road and get the number from my sister's card. I was only out of sight of the machine for a minute or two but this was enough time for somebody to retrieve the card and covert camera and run off with it. By the time I had phoned my bank to cancel the card they had already emptied it.

ATM Fraud
ATM Fraud

Luckily Halifax was more helpful than Lloyds were, and I did recover all the money that I had lost as well as having a new card and pin issued.

I always thought that it would be easy to spot a device on a cash machine, however, I learned the hard way that is is very difficult. As you can see in the image, this card machine looks perfectly fine - apart from the skimmer on the card slot. If you didn't know it wasn't supposed to be there you wouldn't think anything of it.

Lessons learned and I will be a lot more vigilant in the future.

More information can be found on these sites: Would You Have Spotted the Fraud? and 5 tips to protect yourself from ATM fraud.

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017



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