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My writings and photos from days out and about, photography experiences and my paintings.

Frosty Stourhead Gardens
31st January 2012
I'm starting work on my first contract shortly, so in preparation of working a distance away I headed out to scout the route and stopped off in Stourhead Gardens for a walk and some photography in the frost.
Owl Photography
12th November 2011
With news of a barn owl reliably showing near the Severn Beach, I headed off in the late afternoon with Mum and Dad to have a look and see if I can photograph it.
A Day at Dartmoor Zoological Park
21st June 2010
A fine family day out at Dartmoor Zoological Park to visit our adopted Tiger and to see some of the other big cats which provided an opportunity to get close to the animals for some good photographic shots.
My First Experience in Portrait Photography
26th February 2010
I've been behind a camera for many years now photographing landscapes, wildlife and vehicles, but I have never really taken any pictures specifically of people before. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a while and I have just completed my first photo session with a model!
Exploring Bristol Centre, Clifton and Docks
18th December 2009
On a cold winters morning, I set off with my camera and brother in law to photograph the centre of Bristol and local surrounding area. I wanted to try and recreate some of the historic photos from 100 years ago to compare how Bristol has changed.