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Yamaha XV1900 Midnight Star Bulb Types

By Tim Trott, 26th July 2013 in Cars & Bikes

I've needed to replace one of the bulbs in my Yamaha XV1900, but nowhere can I find exactly what bulb types and sizes are used in the XV1900. So here is a list of the standard bulb fitments, types, voltages and wattage of the main bulbs.

Bulb types correct for UK 2010 model, other models may vary.

Position Fitting/Size Voltage Wattage OEM Part
Driving Light H4B 12V 51W 5YU-84314-00-00
High Beam H7 12V 55W 4SV-84314-00-00
Side Lights 501 W5W 12V 5W
Indicators (all) PY21 12V 21W Offset Bayonet



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