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Walking in Moffat

Walks in and around Moffat

By , 15th February 2015 in Walking & Hiking

Now the snow has cleared, and I have a few free weekends, I've started doing some walking in Moffat and in the land and gardens surrounding my cottage.

Here are a few photos from my walking in Moffat, some in the countryside surrounding Moffat but mainly in and around the country estate I live in. There is are a few old cottages which are being renovated this year, lots of snowdrops and lots of fallen trees from the storms a few weeks ago as well as some lovely views out over Moffat and the Moffat Hills.

Moffat is Scotland's first "Walkers are Welcome" town and the surrounding Moffat hills present a haven for walkers of all abilities. There is a list of routes and tracks for walking in Moffat, sorted by difficulty on the Moffat website. There are also a few routes for walking in Moffat on the AA website - A Beefy Devil of a Walk.

Here are a few photos from in the gardens, or you can view my gallery of photos from Moffat and Moffat hills including Grey Mares Tail and the Devils Beef Tub.

Click here for my full gallery of the Moffat countryside.

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