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Writings and photography from my travels out and about around the Northumberland in the United Kingdom and the surrounding area.

Lord Dowding Commemorative Service
07/09/2015Photo Days Scotland
On the 6th of September 2015, Moffat celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and a commemorative service for Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, born in Moffat in 1882.
Photos from Leith on my Last Day in Edinburgh
20/03/2015Lifelist Scotland
Photos from Leith, Edinburgh, as today is my last day working in Edinburgh. I now have a few days off and start a new job in Glasgow next week.
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Grey Mares Tail in Winter
24/01/2015Hiking Scotland
Climbing up Grey Mares Tail near Moffat in the snow and ice, with a completely frozen over Loch Skeen at the top!
Crippled up the Criffel
17/01/2015Hiking Scotland
Starting out walking again by tackling the Criffel, near Dumfries. It was harder than we thought!
Snow in Moffat Hills and the Devils Beef Tub
A few pictures from the latest snow in Moffat and the surrounding Moffat Hills and the Devils Beef Tub.
Moffat Sheep Races 2014
27/07/2014Scotland Videos
The sheep races celebrates Moffat’s sheep farming and centuries old woollen industry and the event is made possible thanks to local shepherds.
My First Harley-Davidson
06/03/2014Cars & Bikes Scotland
On Saturday 1st March I picked up my brand new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim (FLS) from West Coast Harley-Davidson in Glasgow.
RC Adventures!
On another trip to Scotland to visit my brother in law, we got some new toys to play with!
Scotland Trip April 2013
18/05/2013Scotland Videos
Time for a well earned holiday and a trip to Scotland to visit my brother in law at his new house.
Scotland Trip 2012
30/09/2012Cars & Bikes Scotland
Holiday time and once again, with myself, Rob and Heather heading off to Scotland for a mini road trip adventure in the Highlands!