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South West

Writings and photography from my travels out and about around the South West of the United Kingdom and the surrounding area.

Swineford Circular Walk
21/02/2010Hiking South West
Another brisk walk, this time on a Sunday morning. 5.2 miles added to our 4.1 gorge climb yesterday. We started in Swindford and walled around a few villages and several farms on a circular route.
Cheddar Gorge Walk
20/02/2010Hiking South West
With our Snowdon expedition rapidly approaching (4 weeks time) we think it's time to start building up our walking. Having started on Brent Knoll, then Crook Peak, the challenging gorge walk wasn't too bad (apart from the mud) and will be good for climbing experience.
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Crook Peak Walk
13/02/2010Hiking South West
Part two of our mountain climbing training is walking up Crook Peak in Somerset. Crook Peak is much taller than Brent Knoll we climbed last week and the distance walked was far greater.
Brent Knoll Walk
07/02/2010Hiking South West
Brent Knoll in Somerset is my first waypoint towards my mountain climbing challenge. The main purpose for this was to break in my walking boots, and see how fit I am.
The Fishing Trip
18/10/2009South West
My brother-in-laws been on at me about going fishing for some time now. With good weather and ideal tides we decided to go this weekend to fish off of Brean beach.
A Fine End to the Summer
13/09/2009South West
A nice weekend in the sun for what maybe the last good weekend of summer. We headed down to Brean sands for a BBQ and a little fun in the sun.