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South West

Writings and photography from my travels out and about around the South West of the United Kingdom and the surrounding area.

Tewkesbury Battlefield
24/08/2016Ghosts South West
On 14 April 1471, Queen Margaret of Anjou, wife of the Lancastrian King Henry VI, landed on the southwest coast of England with her son Edward, Prince of Wales, and 1,000 mercenaries. Her husband had been imprisoned in the Tower of London by the Yorkist monarch Edward IV, and it was Margaret's intention to wrest the crown of England back from Edward.
Winter Snow Time
18/01/2013Photo Days South West
It's that time of year again when the snow falls, schools close and big kids come out to play...
It always seems impossible until it's done.Nelson Mandela
Brean Beach with Spud & Pip
13/01/2013South West
A nice sunny Sunday for once and I joined Rob & Heather at Brean beach to take Spud and Pip out for a run and a play with their ball.
Falconry Day at Lacock Abbey
13/05/2012Photo Days South West
On a bright sunny Sunday afternoon I headed over to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire with my new camera to see a falconry display in the Abbey grounds.
Frosty Stourhead Gardens
31/01/2012Photo Days South West
A quick reconnaissance trip to gauge the roads and traffic prior to starting my first contract lead to an impromptu early morning visit to Stourhead gardens complete with frost. Good job I had my camera with me!
Owl Photography
12/11/2011Photo Days South West
With news of a barn owl reliably showing near the Severn Beach, I headed off in the late afternoon with Mum and Dad to have a look and see if I can photograph it.
Gone Fishing (Again)
11/06/2011South West
In an sudden and unexpected change to the days planned events, my brother in law and myself headed down to Brean and did a spot of fishing off Brean Down.
Cheddar Gorge x2
14/03/2010Hiking South West
This is our final training session before we tackle Snowdon. We have once again chosen Cheddar Gorge as climbing up the steep gradients of the gorge is the best local practice we can get. If Snowdon is like this then we should be OK.
Cheddar Gorge Extended
07/03/2010Hiking South West
An extended tour of Cheddar gorge after a bright idea "let's go that way" and get lost. Anyway we found a few new vantage points for some photos less often seen.
Cheddar Gorge AND Crook Peak Walk
28/02/2010Hiking South West
As the time to climb Snowdon draws closer (20th March!) we've decided to increase our walks to at least 10 miles. To start off with we have done the Cheddar circular walk followed by Crook Peak as we know the terrain and what to expect.