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Swan Feeding at Slimbridge

It's Swan feeding time at Slimbridge!

By , 28th December 2016 in Travel

Slimbridge wetland and wildlife reserve have a large Bewick swan flock which is world famous. Over winter months you can watch the Bewick's swans feed by floodlight at Slimbridge.


Before the main event, we walked around the reserve and photographed some of the many migratory birds which are nesting here for the winter.

The main event, however, was the evening swan feeding. As the sun was setting the Bewick swans flew in for the daily feed. Hundreds of other birds join in as well, all fighting for the grain and seeds. The video below shows a timelapse of the event and shows the buildup of birds, mainly geese, the feeding and the rapid departure afterwards.

The evening ended with a lovely sunset over the visitor centre, with very clear skies.



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