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Starting a New Job in Edinburgh!

My first job in Scotland

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Starting a New Job in Edinburgh!

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After months of job hunting, going to interviews and being turned down, I've finally been offered a position as a software engineer for a website design agency in Edinburgh!

My new jobs in Edinburgh will be working for a company called RSTO Ltd and they are based in Leith. The offices are just a short walk from the shore and Portobello beach.

I will be working as a member of the platforms team, in which I will be responsible for designing and building a new ERP platform in MVC5 / C#. In the first phase of development, this application provides user and licence management for the company's flagship CMS platform as well as a gateway API for a mobile application designed to allow customers to manage their websites through a mobile application for Windows Phone 8 and Android.

I will also be responsible for developing the Trendzer mobile application from scratch using HTML5, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap for compiling the application.

Since I currently do not have a job, I am able to start immediately in my new position at RSTO.

RSTO Ltd, 99 Giles St, Edinburgh
Image Credit: Trendzer Ltd
RSTO Ltd, 99 Giles St, Edinburgh

Last updated on: Thursday 15th June 2017


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