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I have a Star named after me!

Twinkle twinkle little star

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I have a Star named after me!

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One of my life list goals is to have something named after me, so for my 29th birthday my sister bought me a star name gift.

The star, currently rather imaginatively called STAR85Q4UAV4S2 (AGASC 13774624), is now know as Timmy (her nickname for me!)

Luckily the star is located in Orion so it is easily visible from our location, given clear dark skies and a (large) telescope. At magnitude 13.5 it is quite a faint star, and I'm hoping that my 200mm will be man enough for to see it come winter. Should be interesting, challenging and I would really love to get a photograph of it!

The star is located at 5h 26m 58s RA, +2° 44' 30.7" right in the constellation of Orion (see chart opposite for exact location)

My Star
My Star

Last updated on: Saturday 17th June 2017

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