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Red Kites Feeding

The Red Kite Centre at Gigrin Farm is located in the most beautiful countryside, in the heart of Mid Wales, overlooking both the Wye and Elan Valleys, and just half a mile from the market town of Rhayader. Wild Red Kites are fed at Gigrin Farm every day of the year, and at feeding time 100's of Red Kites can be seen performing breathtaking feats of aerial piracy as the red kites compete with buzzards and ravens for choice pickings.

  1. Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Hope everything works out for you :)

    Did u get to see the conjunction of the moon and Saturn on the Tuesday 22nd May?


  2. Tim Trott
    Tim Trott

    Thanks Mark, I completely missed the conjunction the other day - just plain forgot about it! Sounds like I missed a good one reading the SPA forum.

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