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Here are my photography guides and tutorials where you can learn about photography theory and practice. They include sample images and what settings to use on your camera so you can improve your photography skills.

DIY Flash Softbox
Flash softbox are devices placed over a flash gun to soften the harshness of a flash burst. The act as diffusers spreading the light out and reducing the harshness of shadows.
How To Use a Tripod
Image stabilisation features in lenses and improved high ISO performance in cameras, have transformed the possibilities of taking pictures in low light, but the steady base of a tripod is your best choice when it comes to exploring the creative possibilities of slow shutter speeds and low light.
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Flash Photography
Flash photography isn't just a back-up for shooting in low-light conditions; correct use of flash can improve photos even if they are taken in broad daylight. This guide shows you how to use a built in flash as well as hot shoe, off axis and macro flash guns.
White Balance Explained
The White Balance setting on cameras and editing software allows changes to the colour balance in your photos, making them warmer or cooler depending on the light conditions you’re shooting in. White balance is also used to change the atmosphere in your photo.
Composition in Photography
Learn what composition is and how the placement and relationship of elements within a picture form one of the most fundamental elements photography.
Exposure Triangle:  Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
The Exposure Triangle is used to illustrate the relationship between the three fundamental elements of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
Understanding Shutter Speeds
Accurate control over shutter speed can make or break a shot, so use this guide to take control over your shutter speed.
Focal Length and Lenses
Focal length, usually represented in millimeters (mm), is the basic description of a photographic lens magnification. We also look at the different types of lens available.
A Guide to Camera Shooting Modes
Cameras have a multitude of camera shooting modes and settings which can be confusing at first. Once you know what they mean they are very easy to use and this guide shows you how.
What is Photography?
What is Photography? Every day we are exposed to photography and visual imagery, whether it's an advertising campaign or simply looking at pictures of friends and family on a social networking site.