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Natural World

The natural world has many wonders that are widely understood, but many, many more that defy explanation. How did a child lift a car to save his father? Is there such a thing as a sixth sense?

The Science of Horror
10/11/2013Natural World
Scientists are now starting to stray into the territory of the horror villain. We pack some wooden stakes and silver bullets and go on the hunt for the science of horror.
10 Scary Real Life Monsters!
01/11/2013Natural World
Here is a collection of 10 scary real life monsters, from deep sea marine life, to inhabitants of remote areas on Earth and a few common scary creatures thrown in as well.
Want a thing long enough and you don'tChinese Proverb
Spontaneous Human Combustion
04/04/2008Natural World
Spontaneous human combustion (or SHC for short) is a theory that the human body can catch fire, burn or explode without any source of ignition.
Optical Illusions
25/12/2007Natural World
Optical Illusions, or Visual Illusions, are images that are deceptive or misleading and they take advantage of the brains ability to interpret data. Some illusions make you question what you are seeing, while others make you stop and think, and a select few just make your brain give up!