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Unexplained Phenomena

Some phenomena defy all logical and scientific explanation. Just how do rocks and pebbles move across the desert by themselves? What was the Philadelphia Experiment and did it work?

The Money Pit
29/03/2014Unexplained Phenomena
In 1795 a young boy paddled his canoe from the mainland of Nova Scotia to an offshore island, where he stumbled upon the Money Pit. For almost 200 years since, treasure hunters have been trying to unlock its secret.
The Hope Diamond
02/05/2012Unexplained Phenomena
An exquisite gem, the priceless Hope Diamond, was believed to have been cursed by a woman who blamed her marital unhappiness on it.
Talk does not cook riceChinese Proverb
The Philadelphia Experiment
14/03/2008Unexplained Phenomena
In 1943, around the end of October, US Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible to human observers for a brief period of time.
Bermuda Triangle
21/12/2007Unexplained Phenomena
The famous Bermuda Triangle, or Devils Triangle, is located off the shores of Miami and spans across Atlantic to Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The first recorded unexplained event for the area was written by Columbus.
Rolling Stones of Death Valley
21/12/2007Unexplained Phenomena
Dancing rocks, rolling stones and boogie boulders, these are all names for a strange phenomenon unique to Death Valley in California.