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Myths & Legends

Mythical monsters and legendary heroes have fascinated people for thousands of years. No one will ever know for sure if the terrible Minotaur ever existed or if the ancient Greeks really did destroy the city of Troy with a huge, wooden horse. But behind all these fantastic stories there lies some truth. Perhaps the people within Mythology Secrets really did exist, but over many, many years the stories surrounding them have become more and more outrageous until the true facts have all but disappeared. Whether true or untrue, Mythology Secrets retell magical tales of fantastic feats and events that will captivate all who read them.

The Snow Maiden
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
Can wishes come true? Sometimes they can. However, the consequences may not always be what you expect!
Robin Hood
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
When the rich and powerful use their positions to oppress and starve the ordinary people, is there anyone who can stand against them?
Don't think you are, know you are.Morpheus
The Fairy Flag of the Macleod
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
At times of trouble we all need friends to call upon. The Macleods lived on the Isle of Skye; sometimes they faced great difficulties, but when things seemed really hopeless they could summon some very special helpers indeed.
The Black Egg, Pan Gu and the World
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
There are many myths about how the world came into existence. Here is one from China.
The Knight in Shepherd’s Boots
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
Percival was a straightforward simple soul, who spent his days looking after goats. When he asked to join the Round Table the Knights fell about laughing. Find out who had the last laugh when a wicked Red Knight arrived in Camelot.
How the Troll was Tricked
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
When a big fierce troll arrives, spreading fear and terror on his father's farm, all flee in fear until only Boots is left. How could he possible defeat the troll when his older and stronger brothers had failed?
Finn MacCool and the Giant’s Causeway
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
It is never sensible to pick a fight with someone bigger than you, as the famous Irish Giant Finn MacCool found out. Lucky he had such a clever wife!
Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Fair
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
Deep, deep in the Birch forests of Northern Russia there once lived a ferocious witch, a witch that ate people just like others ate chicken. Find out what happened when one young girl entered the witch's hut.
Happy Together
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
Russian nesting dolls were first created in the late 1800's by a Russian man named Murmantov. The idea for the dolls was based on this old Russian nursery tale.
Hannibal & Carthage
07/11/2013Myths & Legends
A long time ago, when Rome was still a Republic, a big fight broke out between Rome and Carthage. Carthage was an ancient city-state in North Africa, about 300 miles from Rome.