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Science has failed to explain such phenomena as ghosts, past life experiences, curses and psychic premonitions. In the world of the paranormal, anything is possible…

Berkeley Castle
Berkeley Castle has been the site of many incidents, but perhaps the most famous is the imprisonment, torture and execution of Edward II.
Berry Pomeroy Castle
Berry Pomeroy Castle, which now lies in ruin, has many stories linked to it, and although now only an empty shell it retains an eery atmosphere.
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Borley Rectory Hauntings
Borley Rectory began life as a Benedictine monastery in the 13th century. Legend has it a monk fell in love with a young nun from the Bures convent, 7 miles southeast of Borley, and as they tried to elope and start a new life together, they were captured together with a friend of the monk who was to drive a carriage helping them escape. The coachman was beheaded, the monk was hung, and the unfortunate nun was bricked up alive in the walls of the vaults beneath the rectory.
Fallen Rider
The story of Elizabeth Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort, who died in a riding accident and is said to haunt the grounds of Dower House.
Fire Station Visitor
The story of the Fire Station Visitor dates back to 1975 when the newly-built headquarters for the Avon Fire Brigade was visited by a ghost on at least nine separate occasions.
White Lady of Over Court
The problem with most ghost stories is that the spirits usually appear to just one person at a time. So it is always refreshing to hear about something that was seen by many people at once.
St George Ghost
The St George ghost haunting as reported to a local newspaper, where old coins appeared out of nowhere and footsteps heard in the night.