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Science has failed to explain such phenomena as ghosts, past life experiences, curses and psychic premonitions. In the world of the paranormal, anything is possible…

The Ghost of Tri-Star 318
Fay Merryweather, a stweardess aboard Tri-Star 318 on a routine flight from New York to Miami, was terrified by what she saw... Who or what was the ghostly apparition.
The Ghost Hound of Lyme Regis
Near the town of Lyme Regis in Dorset, there is a farm house. The farmhouse is all that is left of an old mansion, Colway Manor, most of which was destroyed in the English Civil Wars.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Albert Einstein
The Green Lady of Longleat House
Beautiful homes often hold dark secrets. Longleat House, near Warminster in Wiltshire, is a splendid stately home, famous for its Renaissance architecture. It is also famous for being haunted.
The Headless Ghosts of Blickling Hall
Blickling Hall is a site with a dark and mysterious history. A site that boasts not one, but two frightening ghosts - not to mention the headless horses that accompany them!
Hastings Castle
Hastings Castle was the first Normal castle to be constructed in England by William of Normandy after his victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
The Mysterious Moving Coffins of Barbados
This story is one of the most famous ghost stories and is featured in most books about the paranormal. The story revolves around the Chase family Vault near Oistins, Barbados.
Lord Combermere’s Ghost
In 1891 a photograph of Lord Combermere's ghost was taken by Sybell Corbet and is generally regarded by some as one the best ghost photos ever taken.
Raynham Hall
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk, is one of the most famous hauntings in Britain because of the strange shape captured by photographers from 'Country Life' magazine in 1936.
Ring O’ Bells Pub
The Ring o' Bells is one of the oldest buildings in Middleton, Manchester, and also claims to be one of the most haunted.
Tower of London
The Tower of London is one of the most famous landmarks of the English capital, but it also has a sinister past and has been the scene for thousands of executions and torture over the years. The prison cells are among the most haunted in Britain.