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Hi, I'm Tim Trott. I'm an experienced Software Engineer in Glasgow, Scotland, with a love for Photograpy, Space, UX and internet security.

My goal here is to share my experiences, knowledge, photography, and help people through writing articles and tutorials. I like to write about computers and technology, photography and astronomy, travel and cooking.

Analogue to Digital Conversion
In converting an analogue signal to a digital format will require first taking samples at regular intervals. At least two samples must be taken during each cycle of the analogue signal.
Network Topologies
There are many different methods (topologies) for interconnecting two or more digital computers together in a network. This document outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the most common network topologies.
If you behaved like your government, you'd be arrested.Anonymous
The OSI 7 Layer Model
The OSI 7 Layer Model is a solution to the chaotic early development of LANs, MANs, and WANs from the early 1980's which saw tremendous increases in the numbers and sizes of networks.
Comparison of Search and Sort Techniques
In 1973, Knuth said, “There are many best methods depending on what is to be sorted on what machine for what purpose”.
Paris Trip
A week long trip with college to DisneyLand Paris where we learned how computers and IT are used to manage the theme park and control the attractions.
Anatomy of a Web Page
17/04/2001Web Design
Web pages are built using a structured format called HTML. The various tags and attributes effect how the page is displayed in your browser. This article shows you the basic layout of any web page and introduces some of the basic tags to use.
BIOS Beep Codes
Decode the sequence of beeps to determine a BIOS or system error.
Surviving the Bomb
06/03/2000Security & Privacy
When the German physicists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission in 1939 they unleashed a genie that changed the world forever.
Italy Trip
Here are some photos from my trip to Italy in 1999. I went with my school as a support staff, helping to look after year 9 and 10 students.