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All the writings in this category are about myself, my dreams, goals, ambitions and self-improvement.


RC Aeroplane Adventures!
28th August 2013Myself
On my annual holiday trip to Scotland visiting my brother in law, we did some shopping and got some new toys to play with!
Closing One Chapter, Starting Another
6th September 2012Myself
The compensation claim has finally been settled after 6 and a half years since the car accident in February 2006.
I Have my own Company - Azulia Designs Ltd!
6th June 2012Myself
It's a little earlier than expected, but my sudden departure from Alexandra at the beginning of the year has opened up an exciting new door.
One Step Closer to Owning My Own Company!
24th January 2012Myself
Having resigned from my position as a web developer at Alexandra, I've decided to set myself up as self-employed and spend some time doing some freelance web development work.
Leaving Alexandra
9th January 2012Myself
After nearly 9 years working at Alexandra in Thornbury, I shall be leaving the company January 31st along with all my friends and colleagues in IT, distribution, credit control, finance and purchasing who were unfortunately made redundant. We shall all be leaving at the end of Jan.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
28th December 2011Myself
It's that time of year again, time to look back at the past 12 months and the things I have done, places I've seen and to look forward to the next 12 months and ponder what may lay ahead for me.
Tim's Personal Review of 2010
31st December 2010Myself
Some would say that I haven't done much this year apart from playing EVE Online and World of Warcraft, but as I look back on 2010 and reflect on the past year it is evident that I have stopped playing games for a while and ventured outside once in a while!
Dream Diary: Immense Lightning & Monsters
8th October 2010Myself
Last night's dream was a very vivid dream with large electrical storms, hairy monsters, an old house and military aircraft. Can you be any more abstract?