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All the writings in this category are about myself, my dreams, goals, ambitions and self-improvement.


7th May 2017Myself
I've been busy during the past few months redeveloping my site for better performance and ease of maintainability.
1st November 2016Myself
Movember is a global charity dedicated to raising awareness of men's health issues. Each year thousands of men grow a moustache in November in order to raise money for the charity. This year I am participating by growing a comedy mustache, but in order to do that I had to sacrifice my beard...
21st August 2016Myself
I used to write a post at the end of each year highlighting the things that I have accomplished, place I've seen and any other life events. Over the past few years however I've not done that so much, so I'm starting again but this time writing on my birthday. So, at Thirty Five what have I done since Thirty Four?
6th September 2014Myself
I haven't quite completed my probation period at my new job, but I've just viewed an absolutely perfect cottage just outside Moffat and put down a deposit for my first home!
27th June 2014Myself
After what seems like an age hunting for a new job and going to interviews, I've finally been offered a position as a software engineer for a website design agency in Edinburgh!
15th February 2014Myself
With my last work contract coming to a close soon, I've decided to take a chance and go for new opportunity in Scotland which allows me to finally move out of the family home.
28th August 2013Myself
On another trip to Scotland to visit my brother in law, we got some new toys to play with!
6th September 2012Myself
The compensation claim has finally been settled after 6 and a half years since the car accident in February 2006.