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MRI Scan Results

By , Saturday 19th December 2009 in Health & Fitness

I've just had the MRI scan results back for my ankle problems. Hopefully I can get a diagnosis and treatment now.

During the car crash I had an ankle injury which was diagnosed as a sprained ankle while I was in hospital. It did clear up after about a week, but I still continue to experience sharp pains and my ankle gives out. I could be walking along quite normally and the next step I take will be like walking on a sprained ankle, a sharp pain which causes me to loose footing and almost trip. Not good when I'm in a bar or pub caring a full glass of beer.

Anyway, I've been seen by a series of doctors and physiotherapists who were unable to find a cause of the problem, at least nothing muscular-skeletal, however I was given a referral to have an MRI scan to look at the soft tissue. The results came back today and I am so relieved that they found something! I'm not making this up!

The report is written in medical jargon (which I can normally decipher) so if anybody can help, please do!

There is inhomogenous fat saturation on the coronal images. There is am oval area of fluid signal at insertion of calcaneum but Achilles itself is of normal morphology. The remaining tendons and intrinsic ligaments are normal. There is no evidence of a fracture; there is a small amount of sub-chondal oedema in the plafond. There is a low signal on the T1 in this area with low signal across the anterior margin of the tibial plafond. There is effusion of the ankle joint.

Opinion: Early degenerative changes at the ankle mortise. Features suggesting early insertional Achelles changes.

I have now been referred to an ankle specialist who will probably want to have a closer look via arthoscopy sometime in the New Year.

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