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Land Rover Defender Disklok Storage

A DIY Disklok Storage Solution

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I've always used Disklok's as part of my car security, and the Defender is no exception, but I can't just tuck it in behind the seat anymore... it tends to move around quite a bit and is always out of arms reach when I need to refit it!

With the spacious load space in mind, I decided to build a custom Disklok storage box which will securely hold the Disklok when not in use. Admittedly this is my first piece of woodworking I have attempted solo since I left school, but I think it turned out quite well. Professional carpenters may wish to look away.

I did have a load of pictures from the build process, but my phone decided to delete them, so here are the only ones I have been able to recover.

I started off by cutting some lengths of a 4x1" timber into 5 sections and joined with 45° angles to form a squinty oval. The squint should make the top slope to improve access. These were then screwed and glued together before I cut and screwed on some 6mm MDF board to each side. This created the disclok storage. I then covered the inside and outside with some carpet tiles which were a near match for the trim in my Defender.

Total cost, around £15. I've just been out to test the disklok storage and the lock was exactly where I left it - in arm's length ready to refit! Proper Job! :)

Last updated on: Friday 16th June 2017





Useful post thanks - shame you lost so many images!
It all looks very neat, will hopefully do something similar with my son who's just buying a 2003 TD5.

The only suggestion I would make is perhaps adding a simple strap/catch to hold it in place just to stop if flying around if you were unfortunate to have a big accident.

Am I right in thinking your need the large Disklok for a TD5 with air bag?

Thanks again.
PS Have you painted your rear cross-member yet? It looked very *brown* in one of your other posts ;)

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